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What do the History Channel, the Pandemic and Zoom Video all have in common?

Carla Virola here of InVision Source with an interesting and timely question for you today. What do the History Channel, the Pandemic and Zoom Video all have in common?

Well, I'll tell you. earlier last month, the History Channel debuted season 2 of their popular Docu-Series, "The Food that built America" which is a fascinating series, sort of a historical Docu-Series "Shark Tank" look, I loved the show..!!

It was so interesting to learn about how the power house brands we know and love today came to be, and here's where the parallel comes in between the History Channel's "The Food that built America" and the Pandemic we're experiencing today.

The Pandemic has forced many companies to pivot and operate lean and under a time of duress, just like the Titans of the food industry did before them.

Social distancing and flatten the curve mantras forced companies to become Enterprises, run from their employees homes, an unusual never before experienced or seen phenomena at such great mass.

With the introduction of virtual technologies in the early 2000's, virtual meeting technologies became a way employees connected across many different time zones.

But then, as we all know, then came march 2020 and the Pandemic. though many companies have been adopting virtual meeting technologies, they weren't prepared to have to run their businesses from their employees. home offices over residential internet bandwidth?

Oh my goodness, such a thought!

So now here's where Zoom Video comes into this whole equation here. Zoom Video was founded as an answer to the troubled virtual meeting experiences many end users were having at that time.

So how on earth did Zoom Video become the Kleenex of videoconferencing of their time? Well, to name a few, there's ease of use, minimal downloads to join, a consistent ubiquitous end user experience of joining from the phone, it's very similar to joining from your computer.

See, one of the things I got from the History Channel's profile of the food titans, was they were really pretty much targeting the same audience. But what differentiated them was their marketing, their branding, and essentially, this is what Zoom Video did, they got all the details right, and they have their amazing growth and loyal clients to show for their efforts.

It's also very secure. An easy to join meeting experience that's secure, sure to please every time.

Now I'm proud to announce that i've joined a prestigious elite group of Zoom Video partners delivering Zoom video happiness to my clients via InVision Source.

In closing, I'll say this, I not only market and sell Zoom Video, but I'm a very happy customer too..!!

Let's connect up so we can begin the dialogue on how Zoom Video can help you join the titans of the food industry and help you not only survive, but thrive in this Pandemic with your go to partners InVision Source and Zoom Video.

Carla Virola signing off. hope to speak with you soon! we're InVision Source at the end of this video, please click on the link to book time on my calendar so we can get the discussion started.

(866) 341.4652

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