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The Case for the Cloud: IP Telephony

Hi there, Carla Virola here of InVision Source to talk with you on another timely subject today IP telephony, better known as Hosted Phone Service and the CapEx versus OpEx conundrum.

Let's get to the reason why the balance sheet is keenly in focus when it comes to telecom technology landscape within the enterprise, the Cloud has been adopted rapidly across the IT stack because of scalability and the increase of speed of client interaction It gives to an organization.

The conundrum of CapEx versus OpEx crystalizes when an enterprise has to consider the benefits of sourcing Cloud service is via an MSP, also known as a Managed Service Provider, who ultimately undertakes responsibility of keeping the cloud solution in step with current cloud market trends versus you, the customer running your business and trying to keep up with the latest trends.

That could mean the difference between making you the next smashing success, like an Amazon or the next Blockbuster to go out simply because of the inability to see the value of current technology options available to you. Now for the recap CapEx is basically any physical purchase of equipment for a company such as computers, phones, servers, et cetera they fall into this category when they could be amortized and considered part of company's assets that help with the valuation of the firm.

OpEx is any service or leased product that a company pays for on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis with a subscription. Both CapEx and OpEx have tax implications and are part of a company's valuation.

No two companies are alike, except that when it comes to technology, many companies are making the move to an OpEx model because the industry shifts to cloud IP Telephony is a no brainer because of the benefits of making a fixed utility more efficient.

Invision source exists to remove the complexities of weighing the CapEx versus OpEx option and to help our clients make sense of it all within their environment. Most importantly, we align you to the best of breed telephony providers that can make sense within your organization.

Are you conducting a review to currently to see if it makes sense to move your LAN phone lines into a more efficient, mobile friendly cloud configuration? Then let's connect up for a qualifying chat.

Look forward to connecting up with you soon, Carla Virola of InVision Source signing off.



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