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SD WAN - The Case for the Cloud Part 2 of the Cloud series

Hi There, Carla Virola Of InVision Source with a recap of the definition of CapEx versus OpEx and to talk with you on a timely subject today -SD WAN. Before we get to that let’s recap what CapEx vs OpEx means.

CapEx is basically any physical purchase of equipment for a company such as computers, phones, servers etc fall under this category, when they can be amortized and considered part of a company’s assets that helps with the valuation of the firm.

OpEx is any service or “leased” product that a company pays for on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis with a subscription.

Both CapEx and OpEx have tax implications and are part of a company’s valuation. Now each individual company whether operating in a fiscal or calendar year has a decision to make when it pertains to purchasing products and services for their organization. No two companies are alike. Except that when it comes to technology, today many companies are moving to an OpEx model for example for their internet bandwidth etc. Simply put technology advances have been happening at the speed of light! And who can keep up with it all?? I don’t know, most companies can’t.

So let’s get to SD Wan - when company’s were coming online to the digital world 10-20 years ago many invested in on premise hardware solutions for the network, apps and corporate infrastructure. Now with the recent move to the Cloud - today Wide Area networking is being reinvented with a “software defined” approach that decouples the on Prem hardware configuration and puts it into the Cloud, portions of it.

Many company’s are scrambling to keep up with the pace. Have you been looking into a review potentially, if it makes sense to foster that hybrid Cloud environment in your world and you want to run some numbers? Let’s connect up and have a qualifying chat. Looking forward to connecting up with you soon! Carla Virola of InVision Source signing off !



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